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Insight 6 | Governance at ‘Quasi-Public’ Unicorns and Private Companies


The evolution of the private market — particularly with the rise of the “unicorns,” or private companies valued at over $1 billion — has refocused governance attention on private-venture-backed companies. The unicorn phenomenon has arguably created a new form of “quasi-public” company, in terms of the size, relevance and importance of these enterprises. In almost any other era, these companies would have had to go public to reach such scale. 

In this opinion piece by Evan Epstein published in Agenda, a Financial Times Publication, an argument is made for at least three governance lessons that boards of directors can take from private-venture-backed companies.

You can can find the full article at the following link: Agenda (subscription required)  

Author: Evan M. Epstein
Founder & Managing Director
Pacifica Global Corporate Governance

Keywords: Corporate Governance, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship, Growth, Startups, Corporations, Dual-Class, Corporate Control, Unicorns, Conflicts of Interests, Dual Fiduciary Conflicts


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