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What We Do

We provide independent advice to boards and management teams to solve complex governance challenges


Corporate governance is evolving at a fast pace. With this often comes a lack of understanding of its international overlay, particularly when dealing with complex cross-border regulatory requirements and investor demands. The Pacifica Global team can address these corporate governance challenges both in the US and international markets, converging in practical and thoughtful advice for clients. 



We help with four categories of companies:

  • US private and public companies with governance challenges involving management, board and shareholder rights issues.

  • Foreign cross-listed issuers: companies with domestic listings plus ADRs in the US (US foreign issuers).
  • Large international public and private companies with multinational operations (not listed in the US).
  • International companies whose leadership has a strong interest and commitment in developing long-term ownership, governance and shareholder engagement strategies. 


We advise corporate decision-makers, both in the US and abroad, on how best to address governance challenges, including:

  • Shareholder rights issues and conflicts, particularly involving institutional investors in the US and internationally. 

  • Anti-Corruption efforts, particularly involving the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).
  • Compliance implementation, team building and policy reviews.

  • Ensuring that clients are deploying corporate governance best practices.

  • Training and education for boards and management teams on a customized basis.