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News 4 | Synch U.S. Playbook


On June 1, 2018, Synch - a leading Swedish business oriented law firm with innovation and technology at its heart - launched a free U.S. Business and Legal Playbook for Scandinavian Companies to avoid pitfalls and accelerate success in the United States. 

The playbook features a chapter on "Why Corporate Governance Matters" (pages 13-20) authored by Evan Epstein, Founder and Managing Partner of Pacifica Global. 

The governance chapter focus on the following topics: 1) The Basic Corporate Governance Framework for U.S. Venture-Backed Companies; 2) Conflicts of Interests and the “Dual Fiduciary Conflict” in Venture-Backed Boards; and 3) Multi-Class Share Structures in Silicon Valley and in the Technology Industry. 

You can download Synch's U.S. playbook (for free) here.  


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