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News 21 | The European Confederation of Directors Associations (ecoDa) Training - Brussels March 7-8, 2019


The European Confederation of Directors Associations (ecoDa) has developed a European module for directors and supervisory board members seeking to gain a European perspective on board functioning and corporate governance.

For its latest training session on March 7-8, Evan Epstein, Pacifica Global’s Founder and Managing Partner, discussed the latest corporate governance trends from Silicon Valley.

The content of the program included overviews of different European corporate governance systems (particularly those from the UK, Germany, Nordic, Italy and EU generally), and presentations about ethical business cultures, the European market for directorships, legal and insurance overviews and a board simulation exercise led by INSEAD.

As a result of global economic forces, modern boards are becoming increasingly diverse in their composition and business perspectives. For companies operating across the world, directors must rapidly gain an understanding of unfamiliar corporate governance systems, regulations, and best practices.

Pacifica Global encourages directors to participate in director education programs. Corporate governance is evolving at a fast pace, and directors need to understand both local and global issues, particularly when dealing with complex cross-border regulatory requirements and investor demands. 


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