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Insight 1 | Founders' Letter


It has been exactly 525 years since Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas. The date generates a lot of conflicting emotions in the continent, particularly reflecting on past and current colonial and indigenous struggles and tragedies. But the date also serves to celebrate the American continent, which has provided so many dreams and hopes for so many people over the centuries.

I personally landed in the United States in the summer of 2004, and in these 13 years I've been struck by the scant attention given in Silicon Valley to Latin America, and by Latin American companies' struggle to become leading global companies with world-class standards. There are of course notable exceptions on both ends, but by and large the Latin American region has been underserved, and under-appreciated, in this part of the world.

Within corporate boardrooms and capital markets, the contrast is evident. The evolution of corporate trends and regulations travel on different speeds in different countries, and even if corporate governance experts can be found in each country, the advantage lies with those who can provide pragmatic and actionable advice when dealing with the nuances of comparative governance challenges.

The need for corporate governance expertise is now critical not only for US companies, but also for international companies. Whereas in the US companies have had to adapt to new governance practices due to a specific set of market conditions and investor demands, in Latin America public companies have had their own set of challenges. And for those that operate internationally, adapting to new governance practices is not only a voluntary or regulatory requirement, but rather a business necessity.

Pacifica Global was founded with the mission to assemble a world-class team of international experts focused on corporate governance, anti-corruption, and shareholder rights issues throughout Latin America. The location of the firm is critical to provide Latin American companies with US market expertise, cross-border professional experience, relevant connections and valuable networks. Moreover, there is no better place than Silicon Valley to grasp the next wave of corporate trends and innovations, placing the firm at a unique vantage point. The future is here, and we expect to maximize the value of our insights and advice to clients throughout the Latin American region.

We are planning to make Pacifica Global one of the best places to work in the Bay Area, with a strong focus on diversity within a multicultural environment. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements in the next few months as we grow our team of experts and services to be provided. 

Onwards and upwards!



Evan M. Epstein
Founder & Managing Partner
Pacifica Global Corporate Governance