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News 5 | Blockchain & Governance at OECD Latin American Corporate Governance Roundtable 2018 (Argentina)


On June 12, 2018, Evan Epstein was invited to speak about the corporate governance impact of blockchain technology, crypto currencies and ICOs at the OECD Latin American Corporate Governance Roundtable in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Blockchain technology -- also known as distributed ledger technology -- is receiving growing attention for its potential impact on the way businesses operate and capital markets function. While best known for its use in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and initial coin offerings (ICOs) generally used to raise funds for blockchain-related start-ups, blockchain applications also have potential use for a range of other functions relevant to corporate governance.  These could include increased efficiency of corporate disclosure and compliance, share issues, share registration, clearing and settlement, ownership identification and shareholder voting. It could also serve as a tool for more effective supervision and enforcement. 

This session provided an opportunity to exchange information on how blockchain use is evolving in different markets, including considerations of how to find the balance between objectives of encouraging and fostering innovation while also ensuring adequate safeguards for investors and consumers.  Discussion was encouraged from Latin American regulators, subject matter experts and participants who have been following its use and potential implications for regulation and corporate governance in Latin American markets.   

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